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6 Bachelorette party adventures for brides that love travel

6 Bachelorette party adventures for brides that love travel

Getting married no longer means that a woman needs to settle down. Travel gurus like Oneika Raymond are trailblazing the path from a solo travel specialist to becoming a family of digital nomads. If you are looking for bachelorette party ideas for a bride that is happiest with a flight ticket in hand, then check out our top getaway ideas. 

Wine Tour
Wine tours are not new for bachelorette parties, but there is no need to stay close to home. For example, if your bride’s favorite wine comes from Australia, picture her face when she finds out that she and all her girlfriends will be going on private wine tours of the Hunter Valley. Pickup shuttles can be arranged from Sydney or the Central Coast before heading out for a day of wine or champagne tasting. Alternatively, mix it with vodka, schnapps, gin, and chocolate tasting before indulging in fabulous local food. With a private tour, you can tailor make your wine adventure.

White Water Escapades
For a genuinely thrilling Morocco adventure on a bachelorette party, consider a rafting trip on the Ahansal River. As far as white-water rafting goes, it’s relatively sedate with only small, bumpy wave trains and few significant rapids; however, the epic scenery is worth it.

Safari in Style
An African safari will undoubtedly top any adventurous bride’s travel bucket list, and offers less travel-savvy friends the opportunity to experience destinations they might otherwise be hesitant to tackle on their own. While the flying time might be the biggest hurdle, an all-inclusive safari is surprisingly straightforward to plan with the help of a local tour operator. Chobe Game Lodge exclusively employs female safari guides, a unique concept in the male-dominated safari industry.

Head to a Festival
Imagine four nights rocking out with your best friends to an all-female lineup of musical artists. You could wake up to morning yoga with views of the Caribbean and spend your days enjoying the pool, attending a workshop or lazing on the beach. With three years of fantastic festivals behind them, The Girls Just Wanna Weekend is an ideal mid-winter getaway that aims to be bigger and better each year.

Las Vegas
Whether you are into gambling, over-the-top shows, comedy, or simply sightseeing, Vegas overflows with activities to keep everyone entertained every waking moment. You won’t get a more incredible buzz than hopping on a plane bound for Nevada without a clue about what adventures are underway. If the bride and groom are insistent on a joint bachelor and bachelorette party, Vegas is undoubtedly the place to be.

Spa Weekend
Instead of booking yourselves into the spa resort down the street, check out Condé Nast Traveler’s top spa choices in the United States. There are lush weekend getaway options in almost every state. In addition, with spas in towns such as Carefree and Paradise Valley, you know that opportunities to relax and indulge are going to be amazing.

We are confident that we’ve whetted your wanderlust for adventure. While we are sure any bride that loves to travel will be elated with these trip options, we recommend liaising with the bridal party to see which they feel will make the ideal adventure.