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5 Travel trends expected to grow In 2021

5 Travel trends expected to grow In 2021

As we move into 2021, the travel industry is continuing to innovate based on the ever-changing preferences and regulations that are in effect across the globe. Although many people have returned to traveling, the trips that are being booked are likely different than they were 18 months ago. As vacations, business plans, and reunions are being booked around the globe, there are a few important jetsetting trends that are on the rise. In this article, we will share five travel trends that will continue to evolve in 2021.

1. Domestic Trips Are Still a Hot Topic
Although more international flights are being booked, many travelers are choosing to explore the interesting aspects of their home country. Over the last year, many people have rediscovered that they can find customizable adventures in their own region.
Due to this discovery, travelers are choosing to stay domestic and continue exploring their own country. After they get a better grasp on their own region, travelers will begin researching global destinations.

2. Boat Travel Is Evolving
For many years, vacations on the water were typically supported by sailboats and cruise boats. Many people are now staying away from the close vicinity on public boats and investing in their own yachts. Yachts give wanderers the ability to vacation in an entirely new way while remaining socially distanced from others. There are many amazing ports across the country that will moor boats both permanently or temporarily. If you are visiting the northwest, consider storing your superyacht in Seattle harbor while exploring the surrounding area.

3. Takeout Will Remain a Promising Option
When you think about international travel, you likely think about dining in local restaurants that are in the heart of a city. With more dining facilities providing excellent takeout services, many people are taking the opportunity to enhance their travel in a new way. When you order to-go, you can take your food to a nearby park, beach, mountain, or cityscape, and enjoy dinner with a view.

4. Longer Trips Are Now Possible
Gone are the days of having to cram an entire vacation into a weekend trip. Now that many individuals are working remotely, workers have an increased ability to extend their vacations over a longer period of time. With this schedule, individuals can work from the comfort of a rental property while still enjoying their destination of choice in the evening and morning hours. This setup allows individuals to get a better grasp of the local culture during their stay. In many cases, digital nomads are staying in different destinations for months at a time.

5. Glamping, Camping, and Everything In Between
In 2021, people are going to continue to center their trips around the idea of glamping or camping, which lessens your risk of being exposed to the coronavirus. Instead of dodging crowds, you can be nestled in the heart of a national park or scenic area without any risk. Glamping trips continue to evolve as people renovate common products to enhance their experience. Travelers are now renting sprinter vans that are made for camping, residing in upscale cabins, and enjoying luxurious amenities in the middle of nowhere.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted international travel as we know it. Although some transformations have been detrimental to the industry, others have allowed travelers to have a heightened creativity as they dream of their next adventure. The current travel trends are allowing individuals to continue exploring while supporting local businesses and mitigating the risk of pandemic exposure.