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How to become a full-time traveler? 5 ways to make it happen

How to become a full-time traveler? 5 ways to make it happen

If you are reading this blog, you may have probably gone through an Instagram feed or listened to a podcast episode featuring a person who left their settled lives for traveling full time. You might have thought to yourself that you want to do it, but how.

It could be one of the best decisions of your life. Not only will it affect your physical and mental health, but you may spend way less money than you used to and live an amazing life.

This article outlines five steps you can take no matter where you are for making the jump to become a full-time traveler.

Step 1: Stop making excuses.
You may now be saying to yourself that “I can’t just leave and go travel full-time. I have this and that is preventing me from making the jump”. You should try and stop coming up with reasons why you cannot travel full-time.

The excuses you come up with are just hindrances that you are required to navigate your way around. No matter your situation, you can always find someone who has succeeded over those obstacles. Here is a list of the best travel vloggers who transformed their ordinary life into a full-time travel adventure

Step 2: Come up with a plan.
Next and the possibly most important step is planning. A famous motivational speaker said that you couldn’t hit a target unless you cannot see it, and you cannot see a target unless you do not have one.

You can achieve your goal by coming up with a planning world of shapes to achieve that goal. Once you have clear planning, you should execute it. You already have a goal, and you want to travel full time. You can now see the target, and now you have to make sure that you hit the target.

While creating a plan, try considering points that are specific to your desire and life. Some things might be the countries you want to visit or the costs to live there.

You are required to be detailed with a plan and make it particular, like your situation. The good news then you can apply the next three steps to almost every situation, and you can make them a part of your plan.

Step 3: Eliminate Debts
Nothing other than that prevents people from living the life that they desire the most. Getting rid of this obstacle is going to increase your likelihood of starting and sustaining full-time travel.
There are two very conventional techniques to get out of death the debt snowball and the debt avalanche. You can pick the one popular method that works the best for you and start knocking out.

You may think that “I have a lot of debt, and it could take forever”. Hence, we have good news for you, and you can use steps 4 and 5 for speeding up to knock out that debt.

Step 4: Get rid of stuff.
Less stuff and more experiences is a very popular Mantra right now, but there are also a few possible reasons for quitting to buy stuff. Firstly you can not travel with lots of stuff. Everything you own is required to fit into your checked-in and carry on luggage.

Getting rid of the stuff that has some sentimental value attached is one of the biggest challenges, and you should evaluate why an item is important and remind yourself if you need to keep it.

If it has been sitting in your closet for two years, do you need to keep it? You can convert things like photos into digital files and store your collectibles in storage.

You can also use it for speeding up for completing step 3 that is getting out of them. Some of the things you may need to get rid of may have a monetary value, and you can sell that stuff and use the proceedings for paying your debt.

Step 5: Funding your Travel.
The first and the last step anyone can add to their full-time travel plan is figuring out how they will fund their travels. The majority of the people don’t have enough money saved for traveling full time indefinitely. If that is you, all you need is to find a way to finance this new lifestyle.

Firstly you should figure out how much money you need for traveling full time. It depends greatly on where you are traveling. In some spots in Europe, you may barely squeak on $2000 a month, but in Southeast Asia, you can live like a king or queen within $15,000. You can also use the Nomad list for figuring out what it costs to live in specific cities.

After you have figured out how much your lifestyle will cost you, you will need to develop a way to make money while traveling. One way to accomplish this goal is to become a Digital Nomad. You should figure out what skills you have that you can put to good use remotely or what new ones you should learn for working remotely. Whether it’s teaching English online or computer programming, you can find something to do remotely.

Now that you are equipped with a plan, you need to execute the plan. It becomes easier to travel full time than you think. You already have a well-thought plan and what it takes to live this lifestyle. You should now go and make it happen.