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5 Things to do in Dubai this winter: get the most out of your stay

5 Things to do in Dubai this winter: get the most out of your stay The beauty of marina just from the top

Dubai is known for its warm weather all year round. However, between November and March, the city sees some cool spells. While most people think about Dubai’s warm weather, there’s a lot more to do in the winter than you’d think. From skiing to buggy tours to camel trekking, you can explore the desert landscape at arguably the best time of year.

1. Go on a dune buggy adventure
One of the best ways to explore the vast winter desert of Dubai is on a dune buggy. The Dubai landscape is known to be absolutely beautiful during the winter. It’s often compared to the surface of the moon. A buggy tour will show you the most the landscape has to offer at different times of day, accompanied by experts in the area.
A dune buggy safari can be fun for the whole family. It’s a fun ride, shows a lot of the iconic Dubai landscape, and can get you a lot of bang for your buck. If you’re not interested in a tour, you might want to indulge in a dune buggy rental. Many people rent a buggy early in the morning to see the sunrise over the desert. They can see the desert at night, as the sun rises, and during the day, with one trip!

2. Ski in Dubai
No matter what time of the year you visit Dubai, you can go skiing. Suppose you’re visiting at the end of winter. In that case, you’ll be able to ski on slopes, usually dormant during the summer months, giving you a new experience. There are several mountains in Dubai to ski on. Always bring warm clothes, as it can be quite cold at high altitudes.

The Dubai Snow Festival is also a hallmark of Dubai’s winter activities. If you have kids, this festival is great for them especially. The snow festival also includes dog sledding, ice skating, snow surfing, activities for kids, and more.

3. Go to an Arabic Market
With an abundance of international tourist visitors during the winter months, the local market is bound to be more active than in summer. During the winter, the market is full of stalls selling traditional handicrafts. You can go on a market tour or visit a local market in Dubai that’s open during winter. You can find markets that are open during winter in Abu Dhabi, as well as Dubai.

It’s also worth visiting the market in winter if you’re staying in a hotel with its own market-style restaurant. If you see the market during winter, you can also buy traditional Emirati desserts such as kunafa and baklava, which are favorites of many tourists.

Winter is the perfect time to explore the desert and experience a different type of landscape.

4. Dubai Miracle Garden
Home to over 45 million flowers, the Dubai Miracle Garden is one of the most unique garden experiences you can go to. Entire buildings are covered from head to toe with lush flowers, archways, and paths to explore. It’s only open during the winter, so it’s an experience you can’t get as a summer tourist. Check out the incredible floral sculptures built around the premises. You can get some stunning photographs for social media that your followers won’t expect.

5. Visit Dubai Global Village
One of the more iconic Dubai Winter Activities is the Global Village experience. Every year, its gates open to reveal many kiosks and activities to explore. It’s a hallmark for foodies, being full of street food. It’s also great for the whole family since it’s a festival filled with rides and games. Though it might sound like just a fair, it’s unique to Dubai, with local culture shining proudly in all of the pavilions throughout the village. Each pavilion represents different nearby cultures, so if you’re the kind of tourist that likes to learn new things, the Dubai Global Village is an activity for you.

While not known for its winter time, Dubai is bustling with many activities and sites unique to its cooler months. If you’re a frequent tourist wanting to see something new about the city, or you’ve bought your plane tickets for December and don’t know what to do when you get there—don’t worry!

The desert is uniquely gorgeous during winter and easy to explore on a dune buggy tour or a ski trip. You can also go on city tours and learn more about Dubai’s history and architecture. There’s still shopping for unique souvenirs, such as hand-marbled bricks, authentic Emirati jewelry, or products that are only found in the desert. As long as you keep an open mind and plan your itinerary wisely, your winter trip to Dubai will be one worth remembering.