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Spain launches new tourism advertising campaign

The Spanish Tourist Office (TurEspaña) has launched a new campaign entitled ‘Spain in ten seconds’ spearheaded by 12 prominent Spanish personalities from the fashion, culture, sports and entertainment sectors.

The campaign draws on their personal experiences showcasing Spain as a travel destination.

Launched via Spain’s official social media channels, each ambassador highlights what they love about Spain through a series of short videos, encouraging other social media users to do the same.

The first ambassador and contributor to the ‘Spain in ten seconds’ campaign is internationally acclaimed psychiatrist, researcher and author Luis Rojas Marcos.

He points out that you can fall in love with a person in just a few seconds and poses the question; can you fall in love with a country in less than ten seconds? 

During the week, contributors will include designer Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada and badminton champion Carolina Marín.

Other ambassadors will be revealed throughout the campaign but will include a famous tennis player, F1 driver, ballet dancer, chef, opera singer and golf player among others.

The objective will be to highlight personal perspectives, unique places, customs, quirks and rhythms, showcasing the magic of the destination and the way of life of Spanish people.

The campaign targets a digitally savvy and highly engaged audience with a propensity to enjoy a wide range of experiential activities whilst on holiday and have a high disposable income.

Designed as a strong catalyst to attract year-round travel and dilute seasonal-dependency, ‘Spain in ten Seconds’ has been launched across 15 countries and has been segmented based on a range of factors.

These include the user’s interests, destination of origin, and affinity with the specific ambassador, enabling Spain to target a more captive and engaged audience.

For more information, visit the official website.