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Monaco launches new video campaign

The Monaco Government Tourist & Convention Authority has launched a new video campaign to keep the destination front of mind as travel returns in 2021.

Paying tribute to the principality’s international appeal and relationships with countries across the globe, the Monaco From Home video series invites audiences to discover the close links that unite Monaco to ten countries through shared interests and collaborations.

Benoit Badufle, regional director, Promotion Bureau of the Principality of Monaco, explained: “With travel still largely restricted, we wanted to stay connected with travellers all over the world to showcase our beautiful destination in new ways.

“The campaign presents Monaco in new light, and allows our audiences to see unique ways in which our small principality has global resonance.”

Run across ten countries, the first six videos in Germany, London, Russia, Australia, America, and Italy offices have gone live, with the seventh video featuring Singapore released today.

Each country is represented by a personality or theme that links it with Monaco.

Take a look above for more information.