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BAA blasts IATA, Ryanair to sue

17 August 2006 Press Release Airline News

BAA is lashing out at the head of IATA for his comments about how the airport operator needs to get things in order as the UK moves into the seventh day of high security alert.

Ryanair flies Pula-Stansted

31 July 2006 Press Release Airline News

Ryanair last week announced the first new route from Croatia to London, with the flights between the northern coastal of Pula to Stansted Airport.

The Secret Behind High Profits at Low-fare Airlines

17 June 2002 Press Release Airline News

It`s no secret that the travel industry has been struggling lately. But one segment continues to do well - the low-fare airlines such as Southwest Airlines in the United States, Ryanair and easyJet in Europe, WestJet in Canada, GOL Airlines in Brazil and Virgin Blue in Australia.