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15 January 2003 Press Release Airline News

Flight LH 418 bound for Washington DC on 15 January is far more than just one of the 1,300 scheduled flights operated by Lufthansa this Wednesday. When the Boeing 747-400 “Sachsen-Anhalt” lifts off from Frankfurt at 13:10 hours, it will be a world premiere, ushering in a new era in communications in global air travel. During the three-month trial phase of FlyNet, Lufthansa will be the first airline worldwide to provide powerful, high-speed broadband access during a scheduled flight. The technically ambitious project is the result of the collaboration between Lufthansa and Connexion by Boeing launched in mid-June 2001. From March, as the next obvious step in the FlyNet project, Lufthansa is equipping al its 55 airport lounges worldwide with WLAN Internet access in conjunction with its partner Vodafone D2. Even during transit, passengers will thus be able to take advantage of advanced, high-speed communications: Internet connectivity on board and on the ground å- all from one source.