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WTM news: Obama victory would boost US outbound tourism

WTM news: Obama victory would boost US outbound tourism

A change of president in the US could scupper the growth in American travel to previously taboo destinations such as Cuba, according to the WTM Global Trends Report 2012. Increasing numbers of US citizens are taking advantage of new policies introduced under the Obama administration, allowing travel to countries which were previously off-limits.

Obama outlines plans to boost American tourism

20 January 2012 Tourism News

American president Barack Obama has outlined a series of initiatives designed to boost international visitor numbers to the United States. Included in the measures were plans to expand the Global Entry System, which makes it easier for frequent visitors to cross borders, and expand the number of nations whose citizens could enter the country without a visa.

Tourism Ireland to reap from Obama visit

23 May 2011 Tourism News

Tourism Ireland has ramped up its US marketing campaign to coincide with President Barack Obama’s visit to Ireland, which is expected to generate huge publicity in the US. Hundreds of international journalists have been accredited as part of the visit, with Tourism Ireland using the visit to leverage awareness in the US.

Obama unveils $50 billion infrastructure programme

7 September 2010 Airline News

President Barack Obama has unveiled a $50 billion programme to rebuild America’s roads, railways and airport runway. In a move that echoes Franklin Roosevelt’s “New Deal” that helped the States recover from the Great Depression, Obama is pinning hopes on initiative kickstarting the spluttering U.S. economy in the run-up to the mid-term elections in November.

Obama swims in the Gulf to back tourism

16 August 2010 Tourism News

Barack Obama has waded into the debate over whether it is safe to swim in the Gulf of Mexico following the BP oil disaster by taking his nine-year-old daughter for a swim whilst on a family trip to the Florida resort of Panama City.