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Britons urged to flee Bahrain

17 March 2011 Tourism News

British citizens in Bahrain are being urged to leave as the political situation in the Middle Eastern country continues to deteriorate. As of this morning the Foreign Office is recommending all those still in the country without a pressing reason to remain should leave.

Bahrain slips into state of emergency as unrest continues

16 March 2011 Tourism News

Authorities in Bahrain have declared a three month state of emergency following the resurgence of political unrest in the country. Special forces from the Gulf Cooperation Council have entered the country in recent days, with the domestic security apparatus struggling to control demonstrations.

Bahrain Airport reveals networking upgrade

25 February 2009 Press Release Travel Technology News

Bahrain International Airport has installed SITA’s Professional Mobile Radio service through a five-year $3.2 million agreement. The fully managed turnkey solution which provides voice and data communication through a dedicated wireless network is now in operation for 640 users working for all airlines and ground handlers on the airport campus.