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Hotel performance in MENA region split down the Middle

Hotel performance in MENA region split down the Middle

Key hotel performance indicators for the Middle East and North Africa region are split down the middle, but post very good signs of improvement, according to the latest analysis from MKG Hospitality. Turkey - which will celebrate the arrival of the World Travel Awards later this week - has emerged as a star performer in the region, while Bahrain, Tunisia and Morocco have all seen figures hit by political instability in the region.

Bahrain back on the F1 calendar

Bahrain back on the F1 calendar

3 June 2011 Travel Events News

Officials in Bahrain have confirmed the F1 Grand Prix, originally scheduled from March 13th, will now take place on October 30th. The event was postponed as civil unrest swept the country. However, following a recent lifting of the state of emergency in the Middle Eastern country, officials have concluded it is safe to return.

Britons urged to flee Bahrain

17 March 2011 Tourism News

British citizens in Bahrain are being urged to leave as the political situation in the Middle Eastern country continues to deteriorate. As of this morning the Foreign Office is recommending all those still in the country without a pressing reason to remain should leave.

Bahrain slips into state of emergency as unrest continues

16 March 2011 Tourism News

Authorities in Bahrain have declared a three month state of emergency following the resurgence of political unrest in the country. Special forces from the Gulf Cooperation Council have entered the country in recent days, with the domestic security apparatus struggling to control demonstrations.