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Major cruise ships add Bahrain as port of call

Major cruise ships add Bahrain as port of call

As security concerns in Bahrain diminish, cruise ships are returning to the country’s ports, bringing with them more than 32,000 tourists and a boost to the economy.

Beginning next month, AIDA cruise ships will dock at Bahrain for the day, allowing passengers time to visit various Bahraini tourist attractions, such as Al-Fatih Mosque, Arad Fort and the Manama Souq. Each ship will carry between 2,000 and 2,300 passengers.

According to Seatrade Middle East, a single ship visit is worth $300,000 to Bahrain’s economy. The company predicts even stronger numbers for the industry’s impact on Bahrain in the future.

“This is very good news for Bahrain and a stamp of approval on its standing as a major port of call for cruise ships,” said Hassan Al Sharif, Al Sharif Group assistant shipping manager, which represents AIDA in Bahrain.

Mr. Al Sharif noted that AIDA representatives spoke highly of Bahrain as a tourist attraction and also urged other companies to include Bahrain in their ports of call.