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Britons urged to flee Bahrain

British citizens in Bahrain are being urged to leave as the political situation in the Middle Eastern country continues to deteriorate.

As of this morning the Foreign Office is recommending all those still in the country without a pressing reason to remain should leave.

Travel on the main highways of the country remains safe, according to government sources, with the airport still fully operational.

However, travellers are advised to avoid the King Faisal Highway between Seef and the Sheikh Isa bin Salman Bridge to Muharraq, through Seef and past the Pearl Square and Bahrain Financial Harbour.

Aircraft are being chartered by the British government in order to evacuate citizens wishing to leave.

An aircraft is scheduled to leave for Dubai later today with 160 seats available, while commercial operations were ongoing.

International Concern

British foreign secretary William Hague has warned of “serious concerns” as Bahrain continues to witness a period of political instability.

“The UK remains seriously concerned about today’s clashes with protesters and reports of several casualties,” he added.

“I call on all parties to engage in an open and constructive national dialogue, so that it is translated as soon as possible into tangible actions that respond to the legitimate aspirations of the Bahraini people.”

Protestors have been resident in Pearl Square for weeks as they seek political reform.

Bahrain has called for assistance from the Gulf Cooperation Council, with Special Forces from neighbouring countries moving into the state yesterday.

Several thousand British citizens are believed to be in Bahrain at present.