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Coca-Cola Christmas truck meets Santa in the Arctic Circle

The Coca-Cola Christmas truck has visited over 300 places around the globe before finally arriving in Finland.

In Finland the truck made a historical first-time ever stop on the Arctic Circle in the city of Rovaniemi, also known as the official home town of Santa Claus. 

Santa Claus together with the mayor of Rovaniemi welcomed the truck in town and honoured Coca-Cola with the Christmas Spirit Recognition for the contributions of the company in enhancing goodwill and joy during holiday season around the world.

The certificate was presented in a ceremony that took place on the Arctic Circle. 

The most famous resident of Rovaniemi, Santa Claus himself, came to witness the ceremony with his reindeer.

“Santa Claus is an ambassador of goodwill, kindness and joy, all values in high demand in any culture.

“With this recognition we wanted to honour these qualities and recognise The Coca-Cola Company for its long history in furthering the holiday spirit all over the world.”