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Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi completes refurbishment

Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi completes refurbishment

Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi has completed the refurbishment of the lobby and the lounge, bringing in key elements of the Viceroy brand story and providing an enhanced sense of arrival to our guests.

“We have spent the last year introducing the Viceroy brand in terms of the level of service, programming and light design implementations,” says Anton Bawab,
Regional President, Viceroy Hotel Group.

“The lobby and lounge represent a true introduction of the Viceroy vibe and brand essence. We have transformed the space, completely redesigning the layout and furniture, layering in music which creates a lounge atmosphere bringing a true sense of the Viceroy brand.

“The arrival process is inviting, warm allowing our colleagues to offer a welcoming and seamless experience to our guests.”

The reception area has been enhanced to provide more space, offering separate welcome desks to allow more personal interactions with our guests. The adjacent lounge is now centralized and the architectural language provides scale to the spaces, enlivens activity and creates a more interactive ambiance.


The newly added library, a signature Viceroy feature, has been designed to offer a quiet area, segregated from the buzz of the lobby activity. It will offer an eclectic mix of books on artistic and cultural topics to captivate our guests in a quiet and relaxing space.

“The main focus of the lounge refurbishment was to capture elements of the Viceroy brand personality. 

“We wanted to enhance the guest experience by creating a social atmosphere around the lounge, promoting a dynamic environment.

“Whether a guest is staying with us for leisure, to enjoy an innovative culinary experience or for a social corporate gathering, we want to create an engaging hospitality experience and make them feel unique”, states Heiner Werdeling, General Manager of Yas Viceroy.

The areas within the lobby are expressed through changes in ceiling height, and materials. A curvilinear expression follows the architectural language set by the building. Flowing fabric softens the spaces, provides acoustic absorption, as well as diffusers for lighting. PF Emirates’ design statement enhances the Yas Viceroy experience through a readily identifiable journey from the approach to the property, through the entrance and into the lounge. The design respectfully retains components of the existing provision and has juxtaposed an orthogonal order over the organic nature of the architecture that provides a pathway from the entrance portal through The Lounge.