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WTTC Global Summit 2015: People power key to success in tourism industry

WTTC Global Summit 2015: People power key to success in tourism industry

“It is an indisputable fact that it is people who will shape the future of our industry – our consumers, the world’s citizens and governments, the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, and our own employees.

“We need to engage and listen, sharing the messages that this industry needs to convey,” explained World Travel & Tourism Council president David
Scowsill in closing the Global Summit 2015.

Calling for the sector to embrace the power of people, within and beyond the industry, Scowsill said: “We have learned that this industry has a constant ability to re-invent itself.

“Nothing deflects our ability to grow, faster than most other sectors and ahead of the global economy.

“That growth opens up new experiences and opportunity, but it brings with it an urgent need for stewardship and resourcefulness.

“Underpinning all this is the indisputable fact that our future depends on people.

“They inspire, research, purchase and share their travel experiences.

“They are entrepreneurs who bring new ideas to reinvent and refresh the market place.

“They recruit, train and nurture in order to generate the right people with the right skills for tomorrow.

“They are the business leaders, who cannot predict disruption but have to continually plan for it.”

Reflecting on the Global Summit theme of Disruption and Reinvention and its relevance for current events, Scowsill continued: “World events continue to throw new scenarios, new challenges and fresh opportunities at us.

“In recent days we have witnessed the historic and public thawing of relationships between US and Cuba.

“It heralds an era of collaboration with the enormous potential for commercial reinvention between the two nations.

“Within our business, consolidation and reinvention is happening everywhere.

“Airlines, cruise lines, hotels, travel agencies, and technology providers have all evolved as they have merged or acquired, seeking scale to withstand the constant curve of change.

“What we have learned though is that this sector has a constant ability to re-invent itself.”

In closing, Scowsill thanked the hosts of the event, the Comunidad de Madrid and Ayuntamiento de Madrid, supported by the Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo del Gobierno de España.