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Village Hotels optimizes wholesale distribution exclusively with Expedia

Village Hotels optimizes wholesale distribution exclusively with Expedia

Village Hotels, a group of more than 30 hotels across the UK, has joined Expedia Group’s Optimised Distribution programme, a partnership that provides travellers with better room rates and more accurate content across trusted third-party travel providers. With prominent hotels across some of the country’s tourist hotspots including London, Leeds and Liverpool, Village Hotels joins a growing list of well-known hotel chains partnering with Expedia Group to simplify their wholesale distribution strategy. The programme is live now across all points of sale for Village Hotels.

Maintaining and monitoring numerous distribution channels makes the wholesale distribution market inefficient and expensive for hoteliers, on average costing the hotel industry over 20 per cent of its wholesale bottom line1.

Expedia Group’s Optimised Distribution allows Village Hotels to reduce costs, generate incremental revenue, and provide travellers with consistent and credible content across B2B channels, including accurate displays of hotel descriptions, room rates and fees through trusted third-party travel providers. Village Hotels will now be able to adjust and manage inventory and rates through one single source of demand to provide a reliable shopping experience for travellers.

“Our goal is always to put the traveller first and ensure they have a frictionless, end-to-end booking experience. Unfortunately, the current wholesale distribution landscape makes that difficult to achieve. Expedia Group’s Optimised Distribution simply ensures that the traveller gets the best price and most accurate content no matter where they choose to book,” says Greg Schulze, senior vice president, Strategic Travel Partners at Expedia Group. “Diversifying distribution allows hoteliers to reach the most travellers and we are really pleased to see Village Hotels take a crucial step in simplifying and streamlining their inventory process to trusted third-party providers.”

Kelly Cronin, revenue director of Village Hotels said: “We are delighted to be the first UK domestic brand to have joined the Expedia Optimised Distribution platform on a preferred basis. This will strengthen our wholesale distribution platform allowing us to present a more competitive offering whilst retaining full control over our pricing and channel mix delivery ultimately driving revenue across our hotels.”