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Vayant Travel Technologies forms partnership with Travel Guard North America

Vayant Travel Technologies forms partnership with Travel Guard North America

A strategic partnership between Travel Guard North America and Vayant Travel Technologies aims to allow travellers and travel businesses to choose from a larger array of airline carrier combinations through split-ticketing to receive better flight prices and more itinerary options, plus travel insurance protection in the event of a missed connection.

Many travel sites today avoid handling split tickets for complex travel itineraries due to the complexity of pricing, taxation and the hassle involved in navigating interline rules, as well as a lack of relevant technology. Vayant and Travel Guard are embracing the challenge through a shared commitment to provide seamless customer experience with increased choice and protection.

By combining non-interline carriers on a single itinerary, Vayant’s split-ticketing capabilities (branded as Multiline+) greatly increase the number of options available to travelers when booking flights, and can substantially lower travel cost. Consumers flying on split-ticketed itineraries today miss out on some of the protections that cooperating airlines traditionally provide for missed connections. With Travel Guard, Vayant will provide new offerings to travellers worldwide to make split-ticketed itineraries far more appealing and less risky than a standard interline/alliance itinerary.

Working with Travel Guard, Vayant will provide case-level missed connection data as well as real-time claims management information through its unique technology platform. Vayant’s powerful proprietary algorithms and comprehensive live data now allow travel insurance to be offered more easily to split ticket purchasers. The technology bridges aigfintnfmaonaphahahIoral ierRewi T fghseChndringro[email protected]
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“To complement Vayant’s new offering, we will be developing a new product to provide additional protections and services for travelers coping with economic challenges and changes in the travel marketplace,” said Dean Sivley, president and CEO for Travel Guard North America. “Travel Guard’s products are a perfect addition to Vayant’s technology suite. Together, we’re offering unprecedented flexibility in travel planning, creating new affordable travel options and helping leisure and business travelers plan their travel with confidence.”


“Travel Guard’s global presence, innovation-focused culture and trail-blazing entrepreneurship in travel will allow Vayant’s industrial-grade airfare shopping, pricing and booking-delivery platform, OneSearch™, to save travelers significant amounts of money and headache while exploring new ways to their destination,” said Vayant president and CEO Atanas Christov.