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US Travel Association appoints Rethmeier to lead communications strategy

US Travel Association appoints Rethmeier to lead communications strategy

The US Travel Association has appointed former special assistant to the US president Blain Rethmeier to lead lobbying, communications, grass roots and research activities for the body.

Rethmeier previously worked at the White House as special assistant to the President George Bush.

He also directed all aspects of public affairs for President Bush’s National Economic Council and Homeland Security Council.

US Travel represents the $1.8 trillion travel industry.

Rethmeier’s wide range of advocacy experience in Congress and in the private sector will greatly enhance the travel industry’s ability to make a substantial impact on debate and legislation in Washington and throughout the rest of the United States.

The US Travel Association continues to build momentum for industry initiatives which will impact on travellers around the world, including the UK.

This year US Travel launched a coalition to advocate for US visa reform which has led to legislation currently before the house and Senate.

In October the Transportation Security Administration launched PreCheck, a programme for pre-authorised travellers based on many recommendations made by US Travel.

“There are few industries as vital as travel in terms of job creation, economic growth and consumer relevance,” said Rethmeier.

“I am excited to join US Travel and to help champion policies that will improve the benefits travel can bring to our economy.”