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US hotels join the fight against child trafficking in the travel sector.

US hotels join the fight against child trafficking in the travel sector.

The Code specifically focuses on the protection of children from sexual exploitation in the travel and tourism industries.

The Code has been signed by almost 1,000 travel industry members worldwide, though few companies in the United States have done so. The St. Louis branch of the Millenium Hotel chain is the fifth company to agree to work with ECPATUSA, a nonprofit organization that advocates for every child‟s right to grow up free from sexual exploitation. This year, Delta Air Lines became the first US air carrier to sign the Code and Hilton Worldwide also signed the Code.

In recent years, Wyndham Worldwide has also worked with ECPAT and other organizations in their shared commitment to the safety of all children. The hotel is expanding this commitment by becoming a member of the Code for the Protection of Children in Travel and Tourism. Wyndham has also had human rights policies and training at their company for several years, and have been actively collaborating with ECPAT in reviewing and enhancing their training, policies, and procedures to best adhere to the intention and spirit of the code.

As a subscriber to The Code, The Millennium Hotel St. Louis will implement policies that condemn child trafficking and exploitation and provide training to help their employees identify and report illicit activities. The hotel will also look for ways to raise awareness about ECPAT and the Code among customers and other stakeholders.

The other US organizations that have signed The Code include Carlson Companies, which owns the Radisson Hotels, and Global Exchange’s Reality Tours.


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