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Unravel the mystery of Latin America and the Caribbean

Unravel the mystery of Latin America and the Caribbean

The new look Latin America & the Caribbean brochure from Voyages of Discovery celebrates the rich history, wildlife and lush fauna and flora which have proven so influential in forming our understanding of the modern world and which continue to shape it. The brochure comes complete with a DVD to showcase the fascinating destinations, bringing the brochure’s vivid descriptions to life. Remarkable archaeological sites, cosmopolitan cities, idyllic islands and man-made engineering marvels are just some of the highlights.

Unmissable destinations which include the Amazon, the Orinoco, the often-mentioned, seldom-visited Falkland Islandsand the extraordinary Galapagos are captured in the brochure’s beautiful, evocative and often iconic photography of the diverse cultures, landscapes and wildlife which passengers will experience.

In the winter programme, Discovery will cross the tranquil Mediterranean to the upbeat Caribbean before embarking on a 79-day complete circumnavigation of South America from only £7,499 per person.With individual cruises from just £1,299 (or £70 per day) including all flights, food, accommodation and gratuities on board, passengers can be assured of excellent value.

As if the winter programme was not special enough already, for a limited time Voyages of Discovery is offering a free upgrade from an inside to an outside cabin* for guests who book early. As an additional bonus, passengers may enjoy exclusive Virgin Atlantic flights to selected destinations.

For musicians, artists or those who are more technologically minded, the new brochure details the various artistic workshops which feature on each cruise. These include a singing group for people of all abilities, a course in water colour painting and a variety of craft courses. There’s also a chance to find out more about digital cameras and the internet, providing the perfect opportunity to take beautiful pictures of the destinations and sending them directly to friends and family via the information super-highway.


The new brochure has spectacular options for overland tours and cruise extensions to Iguazu Falls, Grand Patagonia, Machu Picchu and the Galapagos to satisfy the most intrepid of explorers. For those seeking something more luxurious, stays in 5 star hotels in Buenos Aires, Santiago and Barbados are also on offer.

Dudley Smith, Product Director at Voyages of Discovery comments: “The Winter 2010/11 programme has been meticulously planned to offer unique experiences. The new look brochure is not only beautifully presented but it also evokes a spirit of the destinations we will explore. This winter programme will be one of Discovery’s most ambitious to date and the brochure and accompanying DVD certainly reflect this.”