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United redesigns mobile app for customers with visual disabilities

United redesigns mobile app for customers with visual disabilities

United Airlines has launched a redesigned version of its mobile app, with new enhancements intended to make travel easier for people with visual disabilities.

Throughout its app, the carrier has increased colour contrast, added more space between graphics and reordered how information is displayed.

Designers have also sought to better integrate with the screen reader technologies like VoiceOver and TalkBack that are built into most handheld devices and read aloud on-screen messages and notifications.

By restructuring the way the information is organized on the app, screen readers are better able to convert text to audio in the proper, logical sequence, allowing customers to better understand and navigate the app.

According to the National Aging and Disability Transportation Centre in the United States, more than 25 million Americans have self-reported travel-limiting disability.


The improved accessibility of the app is just one of the ways United is continuing its commitment to accessibility and inclusion of customers with disabilities.

“The parts of the travel experience that we all take for granted like checking luggage, getting your flight status and accessing a boarding pass can still be a challenge for someone with a visual disability,” said Linda Jojo, executive vice president for technology and chief digital officer, United.

“These new accessibility enhancements are part of our continuing commitment to level the playing field, unlock all the customer benefits of our app and give people with disabilities more independence while traveling.”

American hopes visually impaired customers will notice that these changes make it easier to manage all aspects of day-of travel, including check in, viewing reservation details and flight status, bag tracking and more.