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Tui launches Spanish version of Cheqqer

Tui launches Spanish version of Cheqqer

Tui Travel has launched the Spanish version of its holiday review and planning website Cheqqer. The company has also set up local operations to run the business.

The rollout to Spain is the first step of the internationalisation of Cheqqer after a pilot in the Netherlands.

The company believes that the online travel and social media market in Spain has reached significant scale in the past couple of years and is still growing rapidly making it a logical choice to launch.

Cheqqer is planning a full European rollout after Spain, probably following with one of the larger online travel markets in Europe.

Within its first year of launch, Cheqqer has been able to generate almost 900,000 reviews.


“Together with almost 900.000 verified holiday reviews, expert content allows Cheqqer users to better plan their holiday and find inspiration on where to go and what to do.  It is one of the advantages of being an independent part of Tui Travel; it allows us to move much faster than many other companies in this area,” said Sandra Leonhard, MD of Cheqqer.

Cheqqer has started to collect holiday tips from almost 50.000 Tui travel experts. The company has asked experts employed by Tui Travel such as destination, airline and travel agency staff, to share their tips and insights about holiday destinations.

Cheqqer is using the scale of Tui Travel, with its 30 million customers, in generating hotel and destination reviews when customers return from their holiday.