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Traxo Launches Social Travel Service

Traxo Launches Social Travel Service

In an effort to smarten social travel sites, Traxo announces the pubic beta launch of, a free trip and itinerary organizer and travel information tool that facilitates relationships and brings friends, family and colleagues together through travel. Starting with travel plans booked anywhere on the Web (i.e. via airline, agency, hotel, car rental websites), Traxo automatically detects travel reservations and securely imports this information into a user’s personalized and centralized travel dashboard, intelligently creating itineraries and keeping track of all past and future travel. Traxo then matches travelers’ plans with personal and business contacts, allowing them to easily share their upcoming travel plans, alerting them in advance when plans overlap. Traxo users can easily seek advice and reviews from trusted contacts that have actually been to a destination before, ensuring the integrity of recommendations. Custom privacy options give Traxo users complete control over who sees what trips; and users can set privacy settings on a trip-by-trip basis or give separate privacy settings for individuals. Once the one-time registration is complete, there is no need to manually enter trip details or constantly forward travel confirmation emails to create a trip itinerary.

Traxo Moments – defined as those amazing coincidences that occur when two people serendipitously re-connect during travel – are a highlight of the service and since Traxo users don’t have to remember to upload their trips, the likelihood of discovering a travel match via Traxo is much higher than on any other travel site. When a match is identified, Traxo sends alerts to both parties about the overlap.  Alerts can be emailed to the user in real time, daily or weekly, distributed on their Facebook stream and displayed on the Traxo site (based on pre-selected privacy options).  Further simplifying the fluid nature of travel, if a trip is cancelled or modified, Traxo automatically makes the updates on the user’s profile.


“Automatically collecting and storing an individual’s travel plans all in one place has been a problem that the travel industry has been trying to solve for years, but has yet to be done effectively,” said Traxo CEO Andres Fabris, former head of business development at Travelocity. “With Traxo, we help people stay in touch while traveling, ensure they can easily get trusted travel recommendations from the people they know and empower a new generation of intelligent travel services,” Fabris continued.



More than a virtual hello, Traxo’s features have impact in the real world, making and improving traveler’s real-life connections. Traxo users and their network of friends will benefit from the Traxo experience before, during and after their trip. Traxo also plans to make its compelling trip logistic service available to select third party applications.