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Travelport signs deal with low-cost carrier Volotea

Travelport signs deal with low-cost carrier Volotea

Travelport has announced a new long-term IT services agreement with Volotea, the new low-cost European carrier headquartered in Barcelona, Spain.

Volotea, which commenced operations in April 2012, is the newest participant in Travelport’s electronic ticket database hosting service, and has also joined the Travelport E-Ticket Interchange.

The technologies are central to Volotea’s growth and expansion plans through more distribution channels, including global distribution systems.

Travelport’s e-ticket database hosting service, the Travelport ETDBase, is in use by airlines globally to quickly implement e-ticketing, and store and manage e-ticket data for online and interline e-ticketing.

The solution makes interline connections a cost-effective process, yet allows airlines to maintain control over their own interline agreements.

The Travelport E-Ticket Interchange, one of the largest global e-ticketing facilities for the exchange of interline e-ticket messages between airline partners, including ground handlers, supports nearly 420 participants and over 6,000 interline/codeshare agreements, processing over 55 million messages monthly.

“Travelport technologies have solved business issues and removed barriers to growth by eliminating IT complexities, yet enabling us to compete in any channel, with any airline, by using the most advanced e-ticket and interline solutions,” said Alex de Jesús of Volotea. 

“We are pleased to partner with Volotea in providing the best tools available for e-ticket database hosting, and easy connections to their chosen industry partners,” said Derek Sharp, Travelport, managing director, global distribution sales & services, Travelport.

“Airlines need rapid deployment and proven tools, but also flexibility that adheres to unique processes. Travelport IT solutions allow Volotea to remain true to its unique business and financial model.”