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Travelport Journey Reporter keeps tabs on travellers

Travelport Journey Reporter keeps tabs on travellers

Travelport, the business services provider to the global travel industry, has launched Travelport Journey Reporter to customers in the Asia-Pacific region. Journey Reporter is a new web-based reporting solution that offers travel management companies the ability to track and monitor the location of business travellers around the world.

Operating in real time via a secure login, Journey Reporter allows Travelport-connected agents to immediately identify the country, city or airport location of business travellers. As reports are run instantly from the GDS, travellers are located within minutes, which is especially important in crisis situations where timely communication is crucial.

“Travelport Journey Reporter takes corporate travel management to the next level and reflects our commitment to developing innovative products that shape the future of travel,” said Linda Kelly-Smith, Head of Solutions and Support, Asia-Pacific for Travelport.

“Companies have peace of mind knowing they have traveller information at their fingertips, whilst also enhancing their service offering by presenting a value-add to their customers.”

Currently live with a number of customers across Europe and the Middle East, Journey Reporter successfully captures flight, hotel and car hire information regardless of their ticketing status. It can also identify multiple travellers booked on the same journey, allowing administrators to assess travel arrangements and take alternative action when required.