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Travelling green is now easier thanks to popular price comparism website

Travelling green is now easier thanks to popular price comparism website

Travellers can now be more aware of how much they impact the world as offers CO2 emissions information for each airline advertising flights on their website

Making moral choices about how badly your flight affects the environment just became a whole lot easier as launches a green option that shows travellers exactly which airlines offer the greenest ways to travel.

Travellers can compare prices on flights as well as see how much CO2 is released per passenger on different airlines and for different flights. Qatar Air offers the most environmentally sound choice for those going from London to New York and stats like this can be seen with ease via the website.

Site users will be encouraged to be more aware of the environment as they make their bookings for air travel. Interesting data is available on the website as well as facts on world CO2 emissions can read about as well ways to make everyone become more conscious of the environment when travelling.

The ASAP Ventures extensive network of successful travel websites includes and the company also own and


Talking about how the company came up with the green idea is Andy Stevens: “Reducing a carbon footprint is hard work but many people are becoming more interested in learning how. We want to give something back to our customers by showing them how they can make a difference simply by making choices about which flights they choose.”