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Top 10 cruising locations revealed by cruise comparison website

Top 10 cruising locations revealed by cruise comparison website

A newly launched cruise comparison website has outlined the top 10 cruising locations for any holidaymaker thinking of embarking on a cruise.

With summer now upon us and people considering a new type of summer holiday, a newly launched cruise comparison website has revealed the top 10 cruising locations across the world to help aid those considering a cruising holiday.

The managing director of, Danielle Fear, has used her cruising expertise to outline the top ten cruising locations across the world for those people considering a cruising holiday, in a bid to help make their experience the best it could possibly be. 

The top 10 ‘cruising locations’, as outlined by Danielle Fear of, are as follows:

Alaska is and always has been a firm favourite as a cruise destination. The region offers amazing sights and plenty of activity opportunities that can only be found in this part of the world.


Cruisers can catch a glimpse of whales and other marine life as they silently glide through the deep blue waters. Here you can also visit the Rocky Mountains or even go bear watching.

Alaska is the largest of all the US states and is also the least densely populated. On offer in Alaska is 34,000 miles of tidal shoreline.

Australia & New Zealand
What could possibly be more amazing than sailing under Sydney’s Harbour Bridge and being greeted by the iconic Sydney Opera House

The Australasia region has something for everyone; there are endless sights to see and monuments to photograph and New Zealand offers some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world.

The Bahamas are home to glistening clear blue waters and pristine white sandy beaches. When you throw in the location, and the fantastic weather, it becomes even more appealing.

The Bahamas are situated in the Atlantic Ocean, north of Cuba, and Nassau on New Province Island is the most popular stop for cruise ships visiting the region.

Here you can find fine dining and some of the freshest seafood on the planet along with boutique shopping and various casinos.

Canary Islands
The Canary Islands are ideally situated for hot summer sun; just off the coast of West Africa, the cluster of islands offer varied landscapes and Lanzarote boasts a rather large volcanic area.

Most cruises to the Canaries will visit all islands within the cluster. Although all within a stone’s throw of each other, they are all individual and each offer something different.

Tenerife boasts various wildlife and water parks along with a pleasant year round temperature.

In Gran Canaria, tourists can feast their eyes upon the extremely impressive sand dunes of Maspalomas.

The Caribbean is quite possibly the most popular cruising destination overall. You can find picture-perfect beaches and superb diving locations, along with the chance to experience the region’s blend of Caribbean, African and French cultures.

The best place for diving and snorkelling is Grand Cayman. Here you can explore shipwrecks beneath the clear blue sea along with the chance to spot some rather colourful tropical fish.

If exotic locations and relaxation is what you desire then the Caribbean was made for you.

Egypt and the Middle East
This particular area has become more popular in recent years. Now with itineraries offering both Egypt and the Middle East on one cruise, it is a perfect chance to experience what these ancient and mysterious lands have to offer.

Egypt is a must visit; you can view and even enter the Pyramids, as well as catch a glimpse of the Sphinx or even visit the valley of the kings.

For something more relaxing you can bask yourself in the waters of the Dead Sea where it’s natural minerals will cleanse and refresh your body and mind.

Far East
Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand; these are just some of the amazing destinations on offer with a Far East cruise.

Bargain hunters will be in their element when they stumble upon the various street markets and vendors. You have everything on offer here from tropical rain forests to lush sandy beaches and exotic landscapes.

Definite places to visit in this region are the Grand Palace and the Emerald Buddha Temple. Tease your taste buds with exotic cuisine and enjoy this trip of a lifetime. Beautiful, unspoilt white sand beaches, warm crystal clear seas and lush tropical landscapes in this destination of a lifetime!

Visit stunning Gaudi architecture in Barcelona, cruise through the water filled streets of Venice in Italy or how about stepping back in time and visiting the ancient monuments in Rome?

The Mediterranean offers something for everyone and the regions perfect summer climate continues to keep it as a firm and loyal favourite.

Norway and the Fjords
Norway offers some of the world’s most amazing panoramic scenery and quite possibly one of the most exciting cruising experiences you could ever imagine.

A popular stop is Bergen, a small city that lies neatly amongst glorious mountains and is essentially the gateway to the Fjords.

Mabodal Valley offers stunning views of the Voringsfoss waterfall; this is for the more adventure-hungry amongst us, as the climb will see you navigate your way to the very top. Other popular stops in this area are Flaam, Honningsvaag, Eidfjord and Alesund.

Panama Canal
A cruise through the Panama Canal can offer you a glimpse into two very different worlds as you embark on a journey both to the Pacific Region and the Caribbean.

Popular stops include Costa Rica where you can explore neo-classical architecture or how about Puntarenas where you can try and spot white hawks as they nestle among the lush mountains.

The Panama Canal is one of the greatest engineering achievements and a cruise along the canal will certainly not disappoint. Be sure to explore your way around the Amador Causeway as it offers some extremely pleasing views and tasty restaurants.