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Cruise comparison site reveals how to make the most of a cruise

Cruise comparison site reveals how to make the most of a cruise

An independent cruise comparison website has outlined the top 10 ways to make the most out of a cruising holiday for any holidaymaker thinking of embarking on a cruise.

With summer upon us and the holiday season here, an independent cruise comparison website has revealed the top 10 ways to make the most of cruise holiday for those planning on enjoying a cruise holiday anytime in the future.

Founder of, Tom Fotheringham has used his cruising expertise below to outline how to make the most of a cruise holiday in a bid to help make the cruising experience the best it could possibly be. 

How to make the most of your cruise:

1.    Always engage in what’s on offer. Sometimes what might seem a little daunting at first, or not something you would normally do, can turn out to be the best time of your life. For example maybe you are afraid of heights? Then why not overcome your fear and go zip lining at sea! A truly amazing experience and one that will certainly stay with you.


2.    Try not to over spend in the onboard shops. It can be easy to get carried away if you have a few days at sea during your cruise but remember there are many amazing places for you to explore and visit once you reach dry land

3.    Sample new and interesting foods. Your food is always covered in the cost of your cruise fare so this is the perfect time for you to try new flavours and sample other delicacies that you would avoid at home if you had to pay for them. Maybe you would love to try Lobster? Or perhaps you simply want to try a new style of cuisine, if so, your cruise holiday is the perfect time to do this.

4.    Explore each and every destination for as long as possible. Remember in most cases you are only at each place for one day so it can be challenging to fit it all in. If you are not sure then always stick with a planned excursion. These will allow you to fit in more than if you were trying to plan your own route.

5.    Don’t rush ahead; take each day as it comes. Even sea days can offer some amazing sights, Dolphins, turtles and even sometimes a submarine can be spotted. Cruising is a slower pace of life, relaxed and tranquil so do everything or simply do nothing at all.

6.    Experience shows onboard. Shows are often very well-choreographed and it certainly beats paying above the odds to see shows in the West End or even Broadway for that matter. They are often to the same standards and some cruise lines, like Norwegian Cruise Line for example, have an amazing show onboard.

7.    Pack, pack, pack. If you are embarking on a NO-FLY cruise you have the added benefit of being able to pack as much as you like as there is no baggage limit. If you struggle to decide what to pack then this is ideal as you can pack as much as you like. Cruise Line’s state on a no-fly cruise you can take as many bags as you can comfortably fit in your cabin.

8.    Get pampered. If you are interested in visiting the Spa then try and book your appointment a few days in advance. You can find, especially on sea days, that the Spa can fill up quite quickly so don’t leave it until the last minute. Often the day you board there will be numerous special offers so try and take advantage of these too.

9.    Be organised. Remember to fill out all necessary information before you board. Cruise Line’s usually offer a system online that allows you to enter all information and then print off your e-ticket. This saves an amazing amount of time at check-in and can usually allow you to board much quicker and with the most minimal of hassle.

10.  Explore ASAP. When you do board your ship try and aim to get to your cabin as soon as it is ready. This is the perfect time to dump your bags and get out and start exploring your floating home. During this time a lot of other passengers may well still be boarding so it is easy to navigate without meeting crowds of other passengers doing the exact same thing as you.