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Lord Alan Sugar seen as ‘ideal’ cruise ship captain

Lord Alan Sugar seen as ‘ideal’ cruise ship captain

A new study by a cruise comparison website has revealed the ideal cruise ship crew according to British cruisers, with Lord Alan Sugar voted as the favourite Captain, Jamie Oliver as Head Chef and Simon Cowell as Head Waiter.

New research from a cruise comparison website has revealed the ‘ideal’ celebrity cruise ship crew that Britons would most like to see onboard during their cruising holiday. The research of 1,172 British cruisers has shown that Apprentice star, Lord Alan Sugar, was the most desired captain, with 56% agreeing; and 48% stated that Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver would be their ideal Head Chef onboard.

The study, conducted by, was part of research into which celebrities Britons would most like to make up the staff onboard a cruise ship, including entertainment, waiting staff and other crew members.

The respondents to the study were initially asked the multi-answer question, ‘Which of the following celebrities would you most like to make up the staff onboard a cruise ship?’ According to the results, below are the most popular celebrities, as chosen by the respondents, along with the desired job roles stated by those polled:

Captain – Lord Alan Sugar                               56%
Head Chef - Jamie Oliver                               48%
Sous Chef - Gordon Ramsey                           41%
Main Entertainment - Michael McIntyre           43%
Entertainment Support act - Michael Buble       59%
Children’s Entertainment - Daniel Radcliffe       42%
Head Waiter - Simon Cowell                           49%
Waiting Staff - The Saturdays                         52%
Head of Housekeeping – Kim Woodburn         47%
Onboard Doctor – Dr Christian Jessen               54%


The respondents were then asked to stipulate why they had chosen certain celebrities. The majority, 43%, of those who agreed Lord Alan Sugar would be the ‘ideal’ cruise ship captain said it was because of his ‘cool, calm nature’.

According to the study, almost a third, 31%, of those who would like to experience a cruise holiday with Simon Cowell as Head Waiter, cited that it was for ‘entertainment value’ whilst just under a fifth, 19% stated that it was so they could ‘get to know him’.

Tom Fotheringham, founder of, commented on the findings

“This research was really fun to conduct; it was very interesting to see the results, many of which came as a surprise. It is funny to imagine Simon Cowell walking across a cruise ship deck with a silver tray serving all the doting ladies their cocktails. I can see why people would enjoy going on a cruise with Michael Mcintyre as the Head of Entertainment; although I imagine that would bump up the cost of the ticket!”

He continued,

“There is a perfect cruise available for everyone; some may prefer high end entertainment and celebrity guests, whilst others may prefer floating along in the ocean and experiencing breathtaking views with a low-key relaxed atmosphere. Of course, there is a happy medium too, and there is always a cruise that offers a little bit of both worlds.”