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Titan Travel unveils ‘Cruises to Ancient Civilisations’

Titan Travel unveils ‘Cruises to Ancient Civilisations’

Titan Travel has expanded its programme of small ship cruise itineraries with the launch of a new brochure in partnership with ‘Voyages to Antiquity’.

The new ‘Cruises to Ancient Civilisations’ brochure features cruises aboard the MV Aegean Odyssey and brings together a series of itineraries through the Mediterranean in summer 2012 before relocating to India and Southeast Asia at the end of 2012 and into 2013.

Every cruise itinerary has been designed by specialists to reveals the architectural treasures and enthralling culture of ancient civilisations, as well as the great artistic achievements of former cultures and sites of outstanding historical interest.  Each one enhanced with expert guest lecturers, such as the historian John Julius Norwich, who specialises in ancient Greek history. However there is still plenty of time to relax aboard the elegant, intimate Aegean Odyssey, enjoying a range of amenities that includes two restaurants, three lounges, four bars, an outdoor pool, library and spa.

The brochure outlines a number of itineraries exploring classical Greece, including the meticulously planned ‘Grand Tour’ that visits five countries over 15 days, taking a fascinating journey through the artistic and cultural history of Europe. From the magnificent Greeks, through the Roman Empire, to the European Renaissance and the Venetian Empire. This voyage echoes the idea of the Grand Tour, a practice popular in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries that introduced Europeans and Americans to the art and culture of Ancient Greece, France and Italy. Then, as now, Rome and Venice were not to be missed, and Florence and the ruins of Pompeii were also popular destinations. As well as the ‘Grand Tour’ favourites, this cruise also takes in the magnificent Roman Palace of Diocletian in Split, the island of Corfu and the elegant Greek theatre at Taormina in Sicily. The ‘Grand Tour’ departs on 26th May 2012 travelling from Venice to Split, Corfu, Taormina, Rome and finishes on the French Riviera. The cruise costs from £2,545 per person and includes return flights, 14 nights full board cruise on the Aegean Odyssey, transfers, excursions and the VIP Home Departure Service.

The Crimean War forms a central part of many people’s knowledge of the history of the Black Sea and this 15-day cruise “When can their glory fade? O’ the wild charge they made” takes passengers on an exploration of the area starting in Istanbul and explores the battlefields and military history of the ill-fated charge of the Light Brigade on October 25th, 1854. There is, however, more to the story of the Black Sea, and this itinerary aims to bring to life the fascinating and intriguing history of the region, a journey which starts at the birth of civilisation and leads up to the end of the cold war. The cruise departs 10th July 2012, costs from £2,645 and includes a selection of guest speakers on board as well as a two nights’ hotel accommodation in Istanbul, 12 nights full board cruise, the VIP Home Departure Service, flights and transfers.


As the ship sails on to Asia at the end of 2012 the Indian and Asian adventures begin. ‘Singapore and Burma: lands of contrasts’ dips into the cultures of China, India and Malaysia all in one day. Singapore’s history of migration left a rich cultural and architectural legacy that makes wandering the streets an absorbing delight. Highlights include a visit to Phuket where guests will travel via a local boat to the natural wonders of the Phi Phi Islands with its astounding rock formations and classic sandy beaches. Aegean Odyssey then travels on to Burma stopping in Rangoon (Yangon) with plenty of time to explore the remarkable city and experience the deep serenity of the Buddhist way of life. The cruise costs from £3,045 and departs on 5 December 2012 and on 15 February 2013 including return flights to Singapore, 2 nights in Singapore, 12 nights full board cruise, transfers, excursions and the VIP Home Departure Service.

There is also the opportunity to see in 2013 in style with a New Year cruise to the ‘Highlights of Vietnam and Cambodia’.  The cruise travels from Bangkok to Hong Kong taking in some of Southeast Asia’s most remarkable natural and man-made wonders. Starting in the vibrant city of Bangkok, passengers will experience the magnificent temples of Angkor before travelling on to explore the fascinating countries of Cambodia and Vietnam, including a visit to the serene natural beauty of Halong Bay, and a final two day stay in Hong Kong. Departing on 27 December 2012, the 22-day cruise costs from £3,895 including return flights, 14 nights full board cruise, three nights in Bangkok, one night is Siem Reap and two nights in Hong Kong, all transfers, excursions, wine, beer and soft drinks with dinner and the VIP Home Departure Service.