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Tips for exploring Brazil’s breathtaking beaches

Brazil has so many beautiful beaches that choosing one is a challenge. To the north, you have Ilha do Amor, Caraíva, and Maragogi; to the south, you have Lagoinha do Leste and Bonete; and in Rio, the famous Ipanema and Copacabana beaches await you! You will find an amazing beach no matter where you dock - but you must ensure that your travel papers are in order, as all U.S. visitors will need a valid visa from 10 January 2024. You can quickly get one in days by visiting this page and access these beautiful beaches.

Are there any tips you can use to get the most out of your beach days? We discuss some considerations:

Beach Day Tips
Visiting the beach is one of the most spontaneous itinerary items. Most people go with the flow, alternating between swimming, basking in the sun, and snacking. Are there any things you should remember when enjoying this easy vibe? Yes, we look at safety and comfort factors to consider:

1. Pack Small Bags
A beach day can prompt you to carry many items. You may want to carry your camera, snorkeling gear, water shoes, and more. Unfortunately, the popular beaches in Brazil, e.g., Copacabana, are prone to theft. And the more items you carry, the more you become a target for thieves who can spot your bags from afar. The best way to avoid attracting such attention is to carry a small bag. Carry the essentials like sunscreen, swimming gear, and some light snacks. And leave behind anything you do not necessarily need.

2. Go to Beaches with Lifeguards
Swimming in the ocean is very different from a swimming pool. The crashing of the waves, the salty water, and the sea animals make swimming in the ocean challenging for most people. So, even if you know how to swim, stay close to the area with lifeguards. Also, ask them about the water conditions and the weather. These measures will enable you to gauge how long to stay in the water and whether you should swim. It is imperative to do so when you have children so you can call for help if necessary.

3. Avoid Hotel Towels
The best way to avoid attracting attention while on the beach is to blend in with other people. And guess what screams tourist? A hotel towel! The logo will single you out, making it clear that you are an easy target. Don’t bring the hotel towel even if you are staying in a beachfront resort. Instead, get a plain towel or buy a wrap from the shops in the hotel or city. These colorful wraps enable you to match the local aesthetic and are great souvenirs. And as a plus, anyone scouring the beach for an easy target will have difficulty identifying you.

4. Swim with Others
Beaches in Brazil are often crowded, especially those in Rio. As such, you might feel inclined to move away from other people and have a private swimming session. However, such a move is not advisable. The sea water is unpredictable; one wave could get you in trouble, leaving you fighting to get back to the surface. When you are not in anyone’s sight, people can fail to notice that you are struggling, which can have devastating results. Even if you are a good swimmer, do not stray from others. There is safety in numbers.

5. Leave Your Valuables At Home
Flashy items often attract attention because they sell for considerable amounts. As such, thieves will likely flock around you, waiting for a chance to take them off your hands. While you should have some money to facilitate your trip, consider leaving the following items behind:
● Your passport,
● Your wallet,
● Your hotel or rental keys,
● Your cameras and high-end phones, and
● Your jewelry.
Anything that attracts attention is best used away from the beach. That way, even if you get robbed, you won’t be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

6. Know Your Flags
The lifeguards on the beaches use flags to signal water conditions. You should learn what the flags mean to help you assess whether to swim or get out of the water. Also, teach your children the critical signs as follows:
● Green means the water is safe for swimming,
● Yellow indicates moderate currents, and swimmers can swim but exercise caution to avoid any accidents,
● Red indicates the currents are strong and swimming is not advisable as the risk of accidents is high, and
● Blue signals that dangerous sea animals have been spotted.
The flags are often planted on the shore, and you should keep watching them to understand the sea conditions. Better yet, swim with others so you can know that the conditions are no longer optimal when they start leaving.

7. Watch Your Surroundings
Thieves on the beach can be right under your nose. Thus, you must remain guarded and monitor the people and activities around you. Start by hiding your belongings under your bag or towel, so they are not easily accessible. Secondly, watch the people around you and do not be distracted; someone can sneak up on you and take your things. Most importantly, do not leave your items unguarded. If you are a solo swimmer, you are better off paying for storage or leaving your things in your room. You can wear your key around your wrist to ensure you leave nothing on the beach.

8. Wear Enough Sunscreen
The weather in Brazil is incredible for swimming. It allows you to enjoy the cool water, bask in the sun, and sip cold drinks all day. But on the downside, it can damage your skin. Such sun exposure often leads to sunburns that are painful and can increase your chance of skin issues, including melanoma. As such, you should wear sunscreen with at least 30 SPF. And reapply it after every two hours. If you want to swim, use a water-resistant sunscreen and reapply after leaving the water to avoid sunburns.

9. Hydrate a Lot
Sunscreen will protect your skin. But how can you account for the water loss through sweating in the sun? By drinking a lot more water than you usually do! Else, you will feel tired and might even get a headache. And in such conditions, having fun or remaining vigilant becomes difficult. The best way to hydrate is to drink water even before you feel thirsty. If drinking water is boring, you can try the mocktails and fruit juices at the beach. Taking alcohol further dehydrates your body and is not advisable for a day out in the sun.

10. Dress Comfortably
Another way to have fun at the beach is to wear the right clothes. Choose a comfortable swimsuit, sun hat, and shoes that can walk in the hot sand. If visiting remote beaches, wear water shoes to protect your feet from the hot sand, rocks, and sea animals.

Lastly, relax, have fun, and enjoy the beach delicacies! People are often skeptical of eating food at the beach. But where else will you enjoy authentic Brazilian snacks? The beach vendors offer many delicacies at different price points. You can enjoy these options instead of packing lunches for the beach.