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Time more important than money for travellers

Time more important than money for travellers

The majority of vacation travellers report that saving time is more important than saving money, according to a joint survey conducted by The GO Group, LLC, an international ground transportation provider and GO Airport Express, a GO Group member company based in Chicago.

Survey recipients were asked whether they prefer to book non-stop flights, even if tickets costs were more expensive, or if they opt for cheapest flights, even if these require extra stops or layovers.

Of the more than 350 people who responded to the survey, men and women responded almost identically, with 64 percent of men and 60 percent of women saying they choose non-stops in order to save time.

One respondent offered a parent’s advice: “My father used to say, you don’t go on vacation to save money or lose weight. He was right.”

Other considerations listed in the comments section included flight times, the overall value of the trip and finding a balance between saving money and time.


“These results indicate that today’s travellers value their leisure time and want to spend more of it on actual vacation than in airports or on board planes,” says John McCarthy, president, The GO Group, LLC.  “Finding ways to accommodate those preferences should be a priority for companies in all areas of the hospitality business.”