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Third of Britons plan to leave UK during 2012 Olympic Games

Third of Britons plan to leave UK during 2012 Olympic Games

While many Britons might be excited about London being host for the 2012 Olympics, it seems that some have other ideas.

A new study by the UK’s leading online independent travel agency has revealed almost a third plan to go away on holiday during the Olympics; with the majority stating it is specifically to get away from the busy period.

The research came from online travel agency, as part of an ongoing study into the travel plans of Britons.

A total 1,597 British adults took part in the poll and respondents were required to answer questions about their holiday plans for 2012. 
When asked ‘Do you plan to go abroad on holiday between July 27th and August 12th 2012, while the Olympic Games are taking place?’ some 34 per cent of the people polled said yes.

Of these, 67 per cent said they had already booked their holiday for that time, while the remaining respondents just had plans to book for that time.

These people were then asked to explain the reasons for their decision to go away on holiday during this time and the most common answers were as follows;

  • To get away from the Olympic Games – 33 per cent.

  • Normally go away at that time – 27 per cent.

  • To get away during school holidays – 19 per cent.

  • No particular reason – 11 per cent.

    Two fifths, 42 per cent, of those polled were under the impression they would get a better deal for a holiday abroad if they booked to go while the Olympic Games were on in 2012.

    Furthermore, 24 per cent were under the impression resorts abroad would be ‘less busy’ when the Olympics were being held in London in 2012.

    Chris Brown, co-founder of, had the following to say about the results: “When the Olympics are being held here in 2012, the UK will no doubt be a lot busier than usual, but I wouldn’t say that it will be all that noticeable in places outside of London.

    “Obviously, the games will be happening in various locations around the UK and not just the capital, but I wouldn’t have thought it will be all that hectic.