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The Saint Lucia Tourist Board joins ABTA

The Saint Lucia Tourist Board joins ABTA

Tourism partners across a wide spectrum of the industry in Saint Lucia recently benefited from health and safety training in key frontline areas.

The training, which took the form of workshop seminars, came as a direct result of the Saint Lucia Tourist Board joining forces with ABTA – The Travel Association.

As part of the overall programme, destination stakeholders, tourism accommodation, and industry partners participated in training workshops across Saint Lucia to promote best practices in health and safety. 

Topics included accommodation, health & safety management and security, food and water safety management practices, safe guarding children and incident management.

Transport delegates were also helped to review and develop areas including vehicle service & maintenance, driver hours and emergency procedures, vehicle quality and the selection of drivers. Attendees were also taken through practical exercises, so that systems used by transport companies can be tested and safety monitored effectively.


ABTA’s Destination Services Manager, Angie Hills commented: “Hosting seminars such as these promotes good practice in health & safety management and refreshes and reinforces the commitment of destinations and suppliers - ensuring that holidaymakers can enjoy great holidays in Saint Lucia.”

Jean-Marc Flambert, Director of Marketing commented, “We wanted to demonstrate our commitment to the tourism industry and ensure that we support a range of our partners in Saint Lucia to develop and evolve their services in line with visitor’s expectations.”

As ABTA is a main industry body and works closely with its members, destinations and suppliers within the destination are made aware of standards expected by British travellers.