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The Data Appeal Company marks 10th anniversary milestone

The Data Appeal Company marks 10th anniversary milestone

The Data Appeal Company, part of Almawave Group, the leading provider of tourism intelligence solutions, commemorates its 10th anniversary, marking significant strides in data coverage and client collaborations. Boasting an unparalleled database comprising 251 million Points of Interest (POIs) spanning 180 countries, Data Appeal has firmly established itself as a pivotal force within the tourism sector.

At the heart of Data Appeal’s success is its holistic methodology for gathering and analyzing tourism data. Harnessing insights from 130 diverse data sources, the company conducts real-time analysis of 5 million pieces of online content per hour. This comprehensive approach enables precise insights into sentiment, popularity, and other qualitative metrics, empowering tourism destinations and organizations to refine their marketing strategies and strategic decisions and elevate customer experiences.

With meticulous cataloging Points of Interest (POIs) that now reaches 251 million POIs – including hotels, F&B venues, and attractions – Data Appeal distinguishes itself through its unique qualitative insights. Encompassing 180 countries, this expansive database furnishes invaluable information on sentiment and popularity scores for various businesses and attractions. Supported by 130 data channels, the thorough analysis ensures the reliability of data, enabling clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of their online reputation and performance.

Moreover, Data Appeal’s client portfolio now boasts over 170 global clients as it celebrates its 10th anniversary, including esteemed entities such as ENIT and the Ministry of Tourism in Italy.

Mirko Lalli, founder and CEO of The Data Appeal Company, expressed his enthusiasm for the company’s achievements, stating, “We’re super excited to commemorate our 10th anniversary and reflect on the journey that has led us here. With the most extensive database of Points of Interest, now hitting 251 million POIs, and an ever-expanding client base, we’ve built the best tourism data tool available. I extend my gratitude to our dedicated team and loyal clients for their support. Our commitment to providing cutting-edge tourism intelligence solutions transcends borders, enabling businesses worldwide to thrive in an ever-evolving market landscape. Stay tuned as we unveil more exciting news in the near future!”


Meanwhile Valeria Sandei, CEO of the Almawave Group, under which Data Appeal operates, commented on the company’s continued growth and strategic direction. “Our focus on AI technologies, sustainability, and diversification has positioned us for success in the global market” said Sandei. “The recent acquisition of Mabrian Technologies also marks a significant milestone in our expansion strategy, strengthening our international presence and reaffirming our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to our clients.”

Data Appeal’s recent accomplishments coincide with the acquisition of Mabrian Technologies, further solidifying its position as an international industry leader. The strategic acquisition enhances Data Appeal’s capabilities in AI-driven data analytics and decision intelligence solutions, reinforcing its commitment to innovation and market leadership.

Additionally, Data Appeal’s recognition through winning the Travelport Accelerator Program further underscores its commitment to transforming hyper-personalized travel marketing in collaboration with industry leaders like Amazon Web Services (AWS).

D/AI Destinations platform

The Data Appeal Company elevates destination management with D / AI Destinations, the all-in-one platform offering reliable, up-to-date, and actionable insights for effortless decision-making. Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) and institutions can forecast arrivals, monitor flight searches and bookings, analyze accommodation rates and occupancy, and track impactful events to make strategic decisions. Reputation analysis enhances visitor satisfaction, while benchmarking and strategizing against competitors ensures improved marketing campaign effectiveness. Users gain a competitive edge and reach their goals faster and easier with this platform.

Its suite of innovative tools empowers businesses to gain deep insights into various aspects of their tourism destinations and operations. The Sentiment Score, a pivotal feature, enables organizations to gauge online perception of their brands, businesses, or destinations, facilitating tailored marketing strategies to enhance visitor experiences. Meanwhile, the Travel Barometer provides a holistic view of destination wellbeing by leveraging sentiment, content volume, and digital presence data, revealing correlations with critical tourism metrics. The LGBTQ+ Index fosters inclusivity, allowing businesses to benchmark against competitors, while the Popularity Index aids in strategic decision-making by identifying areas with high investment potential. Lastly, the Destination Sustainability Index evaluates tourism destinations’ sustainability efforts, enabling organizations to benchmark performance and drive positive environmental impact.