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The Ascott launches new mobile booking app

The Ascott launches new mobile booking app

The Ascott has launched new web and mobile booking features to enhance guests’ search and reservation experience.

Guests can now better navigate Ascott’s properties worldwide through user-friendly search functions, filters and reservation options.

Tony Soh, Ascott, chief corporate officer, said: “Ascott strives to provide guests a memorable experience at every touch point, right from when they search for our properties.

“Our enhanced web and mobile booking features will enable guests to search our properties more quickly and easily, and cater to their different reservation requirements.

“This builds on the launch of our mobile-friendly brand websites and online chat facility in 2012 for guests to easily access information, enquire and reserve Ascott’s properties anytime, anywhere.”

Searching for the preferred property and apartment has become faster and more convenient.

Instead of having to check the availability of individual properties for a stay period, a citywide search function enables guests to view a list of all available properties in a city.

If guests have a certain budget, a filter will help them to narrow down the available apartments that meet their needs, starting with one that offers the lowest rate.

There will also be collapsible sections for easy reading and to enable guests to compare the various apartment types and rate categories.

Guests will enjoy greater ease of reservation with flexible booking options.

If they are travelling to different places, require multiple apartments of different sizes for different number of people, or wish to book multiple apartments for different stay periods, they can now perform a multi-city, multi-property or multi-apartment booking within a single reservation process.

For example, a guest can book two apartments in Shanghai and London in a single reservation instead of two separate bookings, saving half the time.

Besides being able to view a complete list of the serviced residences that Ascott has in a city, guests can now view the properties on a map for a better idea of their location and the nearby landmarks and attractions.

Before confirming a booking, guests will also be prompted on apartment upgrades and supplementary services which they can opt for to enhance their stay.