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TAM launches mobile check-in service at Heathrow

TAM launches mobile check-in service at Heathrow

TAM Airlines has made its mobile check-in service available to passengers travelling from London Heathrow to Brazil.

The new service guarantees a fast and safe boarding experience, in addition it avoids the use of paper boarding passes and that helps to contribute to the airline’s commitment to sustainable practices.

The service is available for both internet-enabled phones and tablets.

TAM’s mobile check-in is very simple to use: the passenger just needs to use an internet-enabled mobile phone or tablet to access the TAM website where they input the flight date and the reservation number, or the e-ticket number.

An electronic boarding pass with a bidimensional (2D) bar code is then sent by e-mail or text message (SMS), or it can be saved directly on to the mobile phone or tablet through Passbook (an application that has been developed to store and view boarding passes of different airlines, and is available for iPhone, iPad and Android platforms).

When the TAM passenger reaches the boarding area, they can access their electronic boarding pass on their mobile phone or tablet and present it to the security agent.

Code scanning is done directly through the device’s screen.

The mobile boarding pass is valid at baggage drop locations, document checkpoints, tax-free shops and at aircraft boarding.

Passengers with luggage should check it in at the TAM counter that is especially dedicated to those passengers that have already checked-in.

This helps to speed up the boarding and check-in procedure.

TAM customers in the UK that want to take advantage of checking-in for international flights departing from London Heathrow for Brazil by mobile phone or tablet must carry out the necessary steps from 72 hours and up to two hours before the scheduled flight departure time.

As well as being a quick and simple way to check-in, the service also allows the passenger to choose or change their seats and to enter their TAM Fidelidade card number.

It is also possible to check-in more than one person at the same time, as long as all the passengers in the group have the same reservation code.

TAM Airlines became the first Brazilian airline to offer a mobile check-in service, and piloted the service across South America in 2010.

After the first positive results, the company gradually increased the coverage of the mobile check-in service.

Today the service is offered for all the airports where TAM flights operate in Brazil, as well as for TAM flights departing from Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Milan, Montevideo and Paris airports.