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TAM Airlines to introduce Premium Business class on US flights

TAM Airlines to introduce Premium Business class on US flights

TAM Airlines has launched a Premium Business concept on its flights from Europe and the United States to South America in order to unify the service standard across LATAM Airlines Group, which comprises LAN and TAM Airlines.

With this new concept and improvement to TAM’s in-flight service, the group seeks to offer an even better and more efficient service to its customers.

A key highlight of the service is the inclusion of more meal options on the company’s flights and a new menu every month.

The Premium Business class service, available on flights to South America and the Caribbean from Europe and the US, also incorporates new procedures for the crew, such as serving children’s meals first so that parents can enjoy their meal afterwards, and the use of tablets by the crew so that any incidents during the flight can be reported and dealt with as quickly as possible.

New ingredients will also be incorporated into TAM’s menus, ranging from Brazilian fish and traditional homemade biscuits to regional dishes such as jambu pesto and cará purée.

For breakfast, passengers can choose from locally made muffins, while for dessert the company will continue to offer Häagen-Dazs ice cream and fresh fruit.

New snacks complete the renewed menu, including gourmet hot or cold sandwiches, a selection of cheeses and other savoury options, which vary depending on the length of the flight.

TAM’s wine list will now also feature Argentine and Chilean wines selected by the Brazilian sommelier, Arthur Azevedo, as well as new European wines.

Another improvement for passengers flying TAM’s Premium Business class are the seats on the Boeing 777 aircraft, which are being increased in size by 15 per cent.

The adaptation of these seats starts this month and will be gradually implemented onto all B777 aircraft by mid-2015.

Jerome Cahier, vice president marketing at LATAM Airlines Group, commented: “The launch of Premium Business and the harmonization of our in-flight service draws the best from TAM and LAN in terms of both menu and customer service, and the result is a world-class product combined with the excellence and comfort that our business class customers expect.”