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Spring is the best time to drive for fun in Los Angeles

Spring is the best time to drive for fun in Los Angeles

With its famous highways and various tucked away neighborhoods, Los Angeles is the definition of a commuter city. Unfortunately, all too often driving in L.A. isn’t a lot of fun. The summer season often sees L.A. highways jammed with tourists and vacationers, while winter rain can quickly turn a 15-minute commute into a 45-minute slog. Yet, for a couple months in the spring, driving in L.A. can be a joy, and California Rent-A-Car is the company for car rentals that Los Angeles’s discerning residents prefer.

As seasoned drivers, many L.A. natives are wary of rental cars they see on the road, assuming they’re driven by out-of-towners unaccustomed to the city’s fast pace. Yet, California Rent-A-Car has earned the admiration of even the most hardened Los Angeles driver with over 20 years of first-rate service and fleet of reliable, well-handling vehicles. This spring, tourists looking to experience L.A. with the car rental Los Angeles natives trust can hardly do better than California Rent-A-Car.

While L.A. is famous for its sandy beaches stretching from Malibu to Redondo Beach, the crowded streets of L.A.‘s famous beachside communities often limit the opportunities to experience one or two of these treasures in a day. However, the spring months offer the wonderfully warm and sunny Los Angeles weather without the overbearing heat and crowds of the summer. Late March and April are the perfect months to rent a convertible from California Rent-A-Car. Offering a diverse array of models, from sleek Mini Cooper convertibles to brawny Ford Mustang convertibles, California Rent-A-Car is the facility for long-term car rental Los Angeles chooses first for beachside fun.

Of course, the urban style of downtown Los Angeles feels like it’s a million miles from the city’s beachside communities, and California Rent-A-Car has a variety of cars that would look right at home to at any of the city’s most refined restaurants and hotels. Their Audi A6 or Lexus IS250 illustrate the ability of California Rent-A-Car to provide the perfect vehicle for customers looking to accentuate class, style, or both.

Part of what makes California Rent-A-Car so trusted in Los Angeles is the company’s obvious understanding of the city’s diversity, evidenced by their selection of vehicles for any occasion. From SUVs like the Ford Expedition to the company’s impressive fleet of green hybrid vehicles like the Toyota Prius V and the Lexus C200 Hybrid, California Rent-A-Car has the perfect vehicle for trekking the rugged mountainous terrain of the Santa Monica Mountains or simply picking up groceries for the family in Brentwood.