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Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Washington offers jet lag treatment

Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Washington offers jet lag treatment

With the addition of new flights into the nation’s capital from the Middle East, Asia, Canada and points in between, The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Washington D.C. is pleased to welcome weary fliers and busy executives with a new Jet Lag Reviver Treatment, tailored specially for day or night.

Designed to minimize the effects of long distance travel, the Jet Lag Reviver is an 80-minute spa treatment that varies depending on the time of day it is given.  In the morning, the treatment will begin with a full-body exfoliation using a revitalizing scrub containing spearmint, apricot kernel and aloe, which is cooling and uplifting.  This is followed by a stimulating massage utilizing “Energising” aromatherapy oil, focusing on the back, neck, scalp and feet to release built-up fatigue.

For the evening, the treatment will include a salt scrub enriched with rosemary and lavender, followed by a soothing aromatherapy massage using frankincense and sandalwood essential oils to enhance relaxation. 

The 80-minute treatment also includes a “TravelEase” homeopathic spray to use during and after air travel to relieve jet lag symptoms including, tiredness, dehydration, feelings of disorientation and sleeplessness. 

“Jet lag can be very problematic for some travelers who have very little time to adjust to the time difference and need to conduct business shortly after landing,” said Spa Director Penny Kriel.  “While jet lag impacts everyone differently, the treatment will provide relief to the body – both day and night – and minimize the effects of long-distance travel.”