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Sochi International Airport handles record number of departures

Sochi International Airport handles record number of departures

Basel Aero, a part of Russia’s industrial diversified group Basic Element, announces that Sochi International Airport has served 10,000 passengers over the last night what makes up 50% of the daily passenger turnover.

After the Olympic fire was extinguished during the closing ceremony of the 22nd Winter Olympic Games on February 23, over 10,000 people proceeded to the Sochi International Airport with 6,500 of them bound for international destinations. It outnumbered the airport’s usual passenger traffic 6.5-fold. No delays related to the airport’s operations were registered.

The airport that served as the main gateway for the Olympics, also processed over 300 tonnes of luggage during the peak departures period at night. It exceeded usual volumes of baggage handling 10-fold.

On February 23, the airport welcomed 227 takeoffs and landings with 12,300 arriving and departing passengers. A total of 92% of the flights were operated according to schedule. Nine flights were delayed due to the late arrival in Sochi. No delays related to the airport’s operations were registered.
U.S., Canadian, Swedish, Czech athletes left Sochi on February 23-24. A total of 15 Olympic teams have departed the Olympic capital today.
The winners of the Games, Russian Olympians, are expected to depart at 18:40 local time.

The airport is going to set another record in passenger traffic with over 20,000 passengers and 300 flights, including 200 international ones, handled by the airport later in the day. Usually the gateway serves 5,000 passengers per day. The previous record was set during the Soviet time when over 15,000 people used the terminal.


During the peak arrivals on February 6-9, Sochi International Airport served 47,000 passengers and 1,100 flights.

Basel Aero CEO Leonid Sergeev, comments: “The previous night hit all the records, being the busiest for the airport during the Olympics. We’ve processed over a half of daily passenger turnover. The departures ran smoothly without any major inconveniences for the passengers. It became possible due to the coordinated work between the airport and aviation watchdogs. We’re now actively using Terminal D which, as planned, helps to successfully manage overloads.”