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Smirnoff White launches exclusively to global travellers

Smirnoff White launches exclusively to global travellers

Smirnoff has announced a pioneering new super-premium vodka - Smirnoff White - available exclusively to travellers.

The liquid has been freeze filtered at -6°C which results in an exceptionally smooth taste.

Freeze filtration signifies a continuing revolution in Smirnoff’s distillation process - vodka is chilled to below freezing point and passed through state-of-the-art charcoal filters resulting in an exceptionally smooth vodka.

Smirnoff White is inspired by the innovative nature and inventive spirit of founding father, Vladimir Smirnoff, who was determined to shake up the world of vodka in his quest for perfection.

Neither the nationalisation of his successful vodka business nor a revolution that forced him and his family to leave Russia made him waiver in his commitment to innovation.

He rebuilt his business founded on pioneering principles which, today, have inspired the brand and the creation of Smirnoff White.

Smirnoff has continuously adapted and evolved, kick-starting a cocktail revolution in the 1950s, as a result, aficionados have included Hollywood icons.

Global travellers should look out for special Smirnoff White pop-ups in airports around the globe where they can sample the sensationally smooth vodka and purchase a bottle to take home.

The striking, crisp white bottle of Smirnoff White reflects the crystalline formations found in the purest arctic ice and highlights the distinctive quality of this new vodka.

A clear cut-glass base transforms into a smooth, white finish towards the neck of the bottle where the Smirnoff White logo appears, as if etched into a block of solid ice.

Steve White, global marketing director, Diageo Global Travel and Middle East, said: “Smirnoff White is truly an exciting vodka which reflects the pioneering spirit of Vladimir Smirnoff.

“The innovative freeze filtration process guarantees an exceptionally smooth taste which will appeal to travellers the world over.

“We’ve chosen duty free as the sole global outlet for Smirnoff White in order to reward travellers who seek unique offerings to enhance their experiences and to serve as a memento of their travels.”