Breaking Travel News no more car charging anxiety while travelling no more car charging anxiety while travelling

Charger untraceable. A socket behind locks. Or no luck after 10 attempts. For the growing population of electric drivers this kind of charge anxiety is the major disadvantage of EV ownership. New booking site SleeperCharger ensures this will be a thing of the past.
Via travellers can choose out of 60.000 hotels with Guaranteed a charger within 250 metres.

What’s new? Isn’t this already available at regular booking sites?

At regular booking sites you can tick the box “charging at accommodation”. However, this information is based solely on what the proprietor says. Research by SleeperCharger shows that the chargers are simply not available at 40% of hotels that say they have an EV charger.

SleeperCharger has partnered with Expedia Group to offer 10,000 business hotels, holiday resorts and boutique accommodations with Guaranteed charging facilities onsite. Leveraging Expedia Group’s new Rapid 3 API, lists reviews, scores and other facilities as well as leveraging Expedia Group’s dynamic prices for instant search and book functionalities. also links 50.000 hotels with public charging stations within 250 metres. The company is now the only and largest provider of hotels with guaranteed chargers available within a 5 minute walk. After a long drive and an almost empty battery, this offers peace of mind and a carefree trip.


Driven entrepreneurs with a track record in sustainable travel and mobility

Behind SleeperCharger are two driven entrepreneurs, Andrew Morten and Victor van Tol.  Andrew Morten previously founded the travel companies TravelEssence, Little America- Downunder and America travel specialists. Victor van Tol is the founder of SnappCar, one of the largest European car-sharing platforms.

Personal frustration provided the spark to start the company

Andrew booked a place in Vosage National Park in France which said to offer a charging station. It was a standard 240-volt plug that blackout half the property.
While skiing with his son in Winterberg, Germany Victor nearly ran out of battery and had problems with charging stations that were not there or were not functioning.
Sustainability is at the heart of the company. That is why it automatically offers CO2 overcompensation in the price for every hotel booked. The compensation is done through certified Gold Standard compensation projects.