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Six million travellers experience holiday hassles

Six million travellers experience holiday hassles

​As new research from Which? suggests more than six million people have experienced a problem or frustration on holiday in the last two years, with Which? inviting travellers to share their getaway gripes and sign up to a campaign to “Stop the Holiday Hassles”.

One in seven people (15%) who have been on holiday in the last two years have had a problem, equivalent to around 6.2 million people in the UK, which is why we’re launching a campaign to Stop the Holiday Hassles by uncovering shoddy practices and offering advice to travellers.

Of those people who said they’d experienced a problem, the most common issue was delays or cancellations to flights (30%). Also high among the holiday gripes were long waits to reclaim baggage (25%), accommodation being different to the description (24%) and unhelpful or rude staff (24%). Worryingly, two in 10 travellers (21%) said they once had a holiday that was so bad they felt like they needed another one.

Nearly two thirds (64%) who have taken a holiday in the last two years said if something goes wrong with their holiday they will usually make a complaint. Yet only half (54%) said they feel confident that they know their rights if something goes wrong. As part of its campaign, Which?, will provide people with travel tips and will challenge travel companies it finds breaking the rules or giving shoddy service.

It’s unfair that well-deserved holidays are spoilt by poor service so Which? want:
-  to help consumers get things put right quickly when they go wrong;
-  travellers to help us uncover and tackle shoddy holiday practices;
-  people to sign up to back our campaign and receive tips on making your holiday hassle-free.


Which? executive director, Richard Lloyd, said:
“People don’t deserve to come back from holiday as stressed out as when they left. This summer, we’re asking travellers to share their getaway gripes so we can expose the dodgy deals and shoddy service to stop the holiday hassles.”