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Six hospitalised in emergency landing at Glasgow Airport

Six hospitalised in emergency landing at Glasgow Airport

Six passengers on an Alicante-bound plane from Glasgow Airport have been hospitalised after the Jet2 airline was forced to make an emergency stop.
The captain of the flight, which departed for Alicante at 7.15 this morning, declared an emergency at after smoke was detected in the cabin.

Flights have resumed at Glasgow airport after a Jet2 aircraft made an emergency evacuation on the runway.

A further eleven passengers were treated at the scene for minor injuries after 189 passengers left the plane via the emergency chutes.

A spokesperson for Glasgow airport revealed flights resumed this morning but there would be some delays as a result.

All outgoing and incoming flights had to be suspended from as the aircraft was still on the runway. 14 flights were delayed while six inbound flights were diverted, according to reports.


A statement from Jet2 said: “This morning’s flight LS177 from Glasgow Airport to Alicante made an emergency stop on the runway just prior to take-off.

“The aircraft was forced to curtail take-off due to smoke in the cabin.”