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Seychelles Tourism Office in Paris launches an aggressive training program

Seychelles Tourism Office in Paris launches an aggressive training program

As part of its B2B promotional activity program, the Seychelles Tourism Office in Paris is organizing a series of destination and product training for travel agents in Paris and suburbs (île de France) – called “les rendez-vous de l’Office du Tourisme des Seychelles.”

Once a month, effective early February, the Seychelles Tourism Office in Paris will be receiving a group of 8-12 travel agents in their office for an hour-an- a-half breakfast presentation. Again, once a month but on a different date,they will also be welcoming another group of 20-25 agents, but this time at the known and reputed creole restaurant, the Coco de Mer of Paris, for a 2- to 3-hour lunch presentation.

In parallel, Seychelles Tourism Office in Paris will also continue with its Seychelles Smart certified training program - intense training for agents who wants to become Seychelles specialists.

The calendars are as follows:

Rendez-vous with the Tourism Office in Paris:



7 Février
6 Mars
3 Avril
7 Mai
12 Juin
4 Septembre
2 Octobre
13 Novembre
4 Décembre


23 Février
22 Mars
19 Avril
24 Mai
28 Juin
27 Septembre
18 Octobre
29 Novembre
20 Décembre

Seychelles Smart certified training program - proposed dates are as follows

13 Mars: Région Rennes
15 Mars: Paris
27 Mars: Avignon
5 Avril: Région Lyon/Annecy/Valence
15 Mai: Marseille
19 Juin: Paris Restaurant Le Coco de Mer
4 Octobre: Lille
15 Novembre: Paris
20 Novembre: Région Bordeaux

Bernadette Willemin, the Seychelles European Director who is based in Paris, said: “It goes without saying that our training/trade support program is not limited only to those activities. Our Paris Tourist Office will continue to carry out other activities of the sort throughout the year: workshops, in-house presentations, e-learning, Tour Operators road shows, etc.”

Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, welcomed the planned activity program by the Seychelles Paris Office. “The planned actions by the Seychelles Paris Office will go a long way to increase the visibility of the Seychelles in France and in Europe. Their organized annual road show, entitled Escapades Seychelles, in collaboration with some 10 Seychelles hoteliers, continues to be the highlight of their activities. Their next Escapades Seychelles is set for January 23-26 in the BENELUX – Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, and Luxembourg - from the June 4-6 in France - Bordeaux, Nantes, Paris, Grenoble. Our destination is mainly sold through the distribution channel of travel agents selling tour operator product. It is thus of utmost importance that the retailers are well-versed and well-trained on our destination and its diversified products,” Alain St.Ange said.