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Senior Europeans encouraged to explore continent by train

Senior Europeans encouraged to explore continent by train

After being the number one European train pass for youth travellers for decades, InterRail launches a special pass for 60+ travellers in January 2010, allowing senior travellers to explore the continent by train.

More and more Europeans hop on the train for international travel each year, increasing the number of passengers travelling on a InterRail Pass. Germany, France and Italy continue to be the most popular countries, both for travellers under and above 26 years old. The British are the most devoted train enthusiasts for two years running, online sales state. In fact, more than 50% of all InterRail passes sold between January and September 2009, originated from online booking agents (the French were second and accounted for a further 10%).

There is growing optimism for the Eurail Group with regards to the continued success story known as InterRail; especially considering that during the heat of recession the sales declined by -3.5% only. In light of these positive findings, the current product range has been redesigned to attract more customers from all walks of life (seniors, adults, & backpacking students). Consequently, the Eurail Group announces the introduction of two new passes to begin circulation in January, 2010:

  * InterRail Global Pass valid for 15 consecutive days* (2nd class youth from €279)
  * InterRail Global Pass offering a special tariff for 60+ travellers* (2nd class from €224)

Having 15 consecutive days will give InterRailers the freedom to pick and choose their next destination; as opposed to the amount of days available on the pass, announces the Eurail Group. In the past, it was only the name that was associated with youth travellers and the Eurail Group believes that 60+ passengers will prove to be the ideal candidates for InterRail (based on data received from participating railways). Thousands of adults have already discovered the joys of InterRail and InterRailing seniors are currently present in the Scandinavian market. In addition, their travel behaviour is almost parallel to their juniors:


“With the online sales of InterRail One Country Passes steadily increasing and the introduction of two new innovative products”, explains Ana Dias e Seixas, Eurail Group’s Marketing Director, “this shows that InterRailing is not only the best choice for today, but also the most sustainable travel solution for Europeans tomorrow.”