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European InterRail sales on track for another successful year

European InterRail sales on track for another successful year

Eurail Group G.I.E., the organisation dedicated to the marketing and management of the InterRail Passes, reports positive full year sales results for 2010: 244,000 Europeans enjoyed the freedom of travelling with InterRail and InterRail Pass sales increased 6.2% compared to 2009.

The InterRail product range demonstrates that the growth level with all the 30 European member railways and partnering shipping lines keeps increasing every year. The Eurail Group reports that the InterRail Global Pass is gaining in popularity with sales increasing by 11% since 2009.

This growth was expected with the introduction last year of the InterRail Senior Pass, offering a substantial discount for over 60 years olds (now representing 6,4% of the total market share), and the 15 Day Global Pass. The Eurail Group concludes that both products have been successfully received and will likely have a permanent fixture in the InterRail portfolio.

“Sales and brand awareness continues to be created by the Eurail Group members in conjunction with our European marketing campaigns at a constantly high level,” said Mr. Rene de Groot, Managing Director of the Eurail Group. “This combined effort also helps stimulate sales towards the online booking channels, which are certainly benefiting from a growing trend to online purchasing. The consistently strong performance throughout the year reflects the strength of the InterRail brand,” continues de Groot. “As 2011 begins, the Eurail Group is confident that we will attract over 265,000 passengers this year who will enjoy the freedom to explore Europe with InterRail.”