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ScotRail launches major safety campaign

ScotRail launches major safety campaign

ScotRail has launched a high-profile campaign aimed at reducing the number of accidents at stations across Scotland.

The SafeStations campaign follows more than 650 injuries caused by trips, slips and falls at ScotRail stations since April 2009.

Although the numbers are steady year-on-year, and the vast majority were minor incidents, ScotRail is determined to use SafeStations to urge customers – and especially children – to take extra care.

SafeStations includes children’s videos, starring ScotRail’s new cartoon characters ‘Scratch and the Train Gang’, on the train operator’s new YouTube channel.

The animations aim to teach children important lessons about how to stay safe on Scotland’s railways.


Two further SafeStations videos, for teenagers and grandparents, have also been uploaded at

Other campaign activities include:
· ScotRail and British Transport Police giving safety talks at schools
· Downloadable safety education packs, including sheet music, for teachers, and;
· Poster competitions, stickers and colouring-in books for children – all featuring Scratch and the Train Gang.

The campaign kicked off with 50 members of City of Glasgow Gymnastics Club dancing along to ScotRail’s new children’s safety song and handing out safety information at Glasgow Queen Street station. A video of this event is available at ScotRail’s YouTube site.

Steve Montgomery, ScotRail’s managing director, said: “The SafeStations campaign highlights safety issues in a fun and engaging way, including YouTube videos, cartoon characters and poster competitions.

“It’s all about encouraging customers of all ages, and in particular the young, to take extra care at stations.”

There were more than 81.1million passenger journeys on ScotRail trains last year.

David Gray, Chief Inspector of British Transport Police, said: “It is important to get the safety message across to young people at an early age.

“The scheme makes everyone aware of how to keep safe but in a fun and memorable way.

“British Transport Police is only too aware of the consequences of not keeping your wits about you around the railway.”

Transport Minister Keith Brown said: “Scotland’s railways, trains and stations can be wonderfully exciting places for children, making them think of heroes such as Harry Potter.

“Ensuring their safety is vital and ScotRail has done a fantastic job here of coming up with ways to make the messages just as fun and exciting.

“This campaign will play a huge part in making the train an every day part of life for children as they grow up and opt to travel by rail instead of road.”

ScotRail’s accident statistics include passengers:
· Tripping while running for trains that are about to depart
· Falling on escalators or stairs, often while rushing or not holding banisters
· Slipping on platforms, particularly during bad weather, and;
· Tripping over luggage or buggies.