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Save money in 2012 and holiday in the UK

Save money in 2012 and holiday in the UK

Nowadays, many Britons have less disposable income to spend during the difficult economic climate and so the concept of ‘staycations’ and ‘glamping’ are on the rise.

More Brits are holidaying in the UK as opposed to going abroad, fundamentally to save money and keep costs down. The latest trend has led to a boom in buyers of holiday homes in the UK because it takes away the hassle and expense of travelling overseas.

According to government figures released by the National Office of Statistics over the last few years, the number of UK residents choosing not to travel abroad fell by 15%

And in the same year, well-known holiday parks and attractions relished in double-digit growth. Center Parcs’ saw a 5.5% rise and Merlin Entertainments saw UK revenues increase by 10%. What is more, the British Tourist Authority reported that the number of trips taken within the UK surged by 7%.

A recent 2011 survey by Safeguard, a motorhome and caravan insurance firm, revealed that enquiries increased by 10% suggesting Britons were choosing ‘glamping’ over camping.


The notion of luxury camping holidays has really taken off since the TV series of ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ as well as the number of celebrities who were spotted camping in style at many of the summer festivals. ‘Glamping’ has become a popular holiday venture for families who love the outdoors but hate pitching and it is a great way to introduce people slowly to the world of camping.

Top reported ‘glamping’ sites in the UK include Long Valley Yurts, in Cumbria; Comrie Croft, in Perthshire; Dolphinholme Farm, in Lancaster; and Shadow Woods, in West Sussex. So save money this New Year and take a relaxing break from all the stresses of work by holidaying in Britain.

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